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Thank you for visiting our updated 2016-17 online shop. Here you will find only the best quality LED lamps, offering the longest lives with manufacturer’s warranties and the best light output.  These will make your investment one of the best possible saving up to 90% of your current energy consumption and carbon emissions.


Also, if you need new light fittings, our range of the latest fluorescent and LED varieties will grace your corridors, stairways or commercial kitchens saving large amounts of money in energy and maintenance costs also.


Maybe you need a Henry vacuum or some his tools,  or how about some Duracell batteries…. Explore our range of electrical and environmental products.  Feel free to contact us if you don’t find what you need;  we’re here to help.


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2017 Catalogue

Check out our latest catalogue with new and updated product information. Click on the picture on the home page.

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Our new catalogue is here! Featuring the latest energy saving products, email us for a copy or download a PDF from the website by clicking on the image below.

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We have a new refreshed shopping facility which matches our 2017 catalogue, so you can browse and compare in the catalogue and come onto the site to buy.