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About Us

We are national suppliers of quality branded lamps, specialising in energy saving and long life products. We also offer energy saving light fittings for offices, corridors and bedrooms. In conjunction with these, our Daylight reproduction fluorescent tubes make inside feel like outside.

Why not look at our range of electrical items like Henry vacuum cleaners, Duracell batteries or Microspray fragrance dispensers.

Help our environment by using our lamp and battery recycling services or investing in our Solar Panels or Photovoltaic Cells with MCD approved installation.

What ever your requirement, Corona Lighting can supply you with the right product, at the right price, with the right service.

2017 Catalogue

Check out our latest catalogue with new and updated product information. Click on the picture on the home page.

New Catalogue

Our new catalogue is here! Featuring the latest energy saving products, email us for a copy or download a PDF from the website by clicking on the image below.

Website Updates

We have a new refreshed shopping facility which matches our 2017 catalogue, so you can browse and compare in the catalogue and come onto the site to buy.