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Fly-Killing Machines

Fly-Killing Machines

Fly-Killing Machines

We offer the full range of Exocutor and Insectocuter fly killing machines. Listed are only the most popular machines and lamps. We also offer a full range of UV lamps. Please contact us for further information.

• Change lamps every March• Use shatterproof in kitchens• Quantity discounts available
TypeLamp TypeNotes£ Ea 1+£ Ea 10+Buy
PlusZap 162 x 8w40 sq/m coverage34.90add to basket
PlusZap 302 x 15w80 sq/m coverage49.90add to basket
8w 12T5 blacklight-3.90add to basket
8w 12T5 blacklight shatterproof-6.90add to basket
15w 18T8 blacklight-4.90add to basket
15w 18T8 blacklight shatterproof-7.90add to basket
4-22w starterUp to 22w-0.35add to basket

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