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Lamp Crushing & Recycling

Lamp Crushing & Recycling

Lamp Crushing & Recycling

It is a legal requirement for a company to recycle its waste under the WEEE Directive. We offer two easy methods for you to use. We can either supply boxes, kegs, or tubes for you to store lamps, or we perform a full on site collection.
After we deliver our containers, they are yours until they are full and need replacing. Our charge is for the supply and delivery of the container, its collection when full, the recycling of the contents, and full certification to prove you have complied.
Our full lamp collection is price POA as it depends on how many lamps are involved.

WEEE Directive (Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment)
On the 1st July 2007, it became a legal requirement to recycle used energy saving lamps, fluorescent tubes, sodium and metal halide lamps. Due to their mercury content, they are now classed as hazardous waste and should not be put in a skip or any bin or mixed with other waste.
The government are implementing a charge on all the above lamps towards their eventual recycling, applied to the manufacturers, who pass it on to us.

Instead, we ask you please, to take advantage of our recycling service detailed above and contact us if you require further information.

DescriptionSizeNotes£ Ea 1+£ Ea 10+Buy
Economy BoxL600 x W400 x H320fits 100-15099.00add to basket
KegL610 x W400fits 150-250129.00add to basket
'Lamp Tube' Container 6'fits 1-300149.00add to basket
'Lamp Tube' Container 6' & 3'fits 2-400199.00add to basket
'Lamp Tube' Container 6' & 6'fits 2-400219.00add to basket
'Lamp Tube' Container 6' & 8'fits 2-500239.00add to basket
'Lamp Tube' Container 8' & 8'fits 2-500249.00add to basket

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